Mission Statement: We at Saudi Cast pledge to follow the highest standards of design, development, and production to produce high quality products, and to make them economically-viable. We further pledge to respect our environment, look after our work force, and to always be an active member of our community.

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GFI is an ongoing project that is divided into three phases:

Phase: 1

Completed in 2014, saw the phasing-out of all processes which used chemicals as binding agents (namely formaldehyde). That included the shut-down of the “self-set” foundry which was commissioned in 2006 for the production of heavy castings.
Today, the old self-set facility is an environmentally-friendly machine shop using the latest in CNC and robotics technology.
Phase: 2

Focuses on air filtration in the foundry and around the plant's parameters.
Four massive air filtration units were installed in strategic points in the foundry to control suspended particles and emission levels.

Smaller filtration units are continuesly being added where needed.
Phase: 3

Deals with monitoring, testing, and auditing of daily operations. This is an on-going operation, through which, we continually monitor the air quality inside and outside the work place.

In addition to our independent monitoring, we have engaged the services of independent third party concerns to audit our operations, and to suggest “best practices”.

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